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Online reputation management or ORM is the process of managing the perceptions prevalent about a corporate entity or even an individual on web-based networking sites, social media, and on SERPs.

We offer affordable and best reputation management services in India that enhance your online reputation and influence SERP results.

Did you know that your online reputation matters?

Online reviews influence the buying decisions of 90% of people. The internet can spread information, good and bad, often unverified and inaccurate about your business. Negative reviews not only hamper your online business reputation but also severely impact your sales. Negative search results lead to a loss of trust in your brand, thus reducing sales. Here comes the role of a good reputation management company in India to play.

Our proven ORM solutions

We understand the importance of online reputation. With our comprehensive and structured approach, we monitor and control your online reputation. We not only push the negative reviews out of the way but build up a positive brand image for your business, giving the best chances to enhance sales volumes.

Our expert ORM team of India incorporates cutting-edge tools, strategies, and techniques to enhance your online reputation and help create a positive image for your business in internet understanding.

We manage your Online Reputation Management by:

  • Removing negative content
  • Push down negative search results
  • Crisis management
  • Customer feedback and review campaigns
  • Responding and managing customer reviews
  • Monitoring and measuring success
  • Help you attract, engage and convert the right customers for your business using proper channels

Our ORM work process!

  • Research – Top search phrases are identified
  • Strategy- ORM strategies are developed for accomplishing the goals
  • Content- Content creation to improve reviews, ratings, development, and brainstorming
  • Development- Build and locate business listings, websites, existing blogs, review management, and social media profiles owned and influenced by clients
  • Promotion – We promote the company and management via various mediums to highlight positive aspects.

Improve your online image with our result-oriented ORM strategies and services!

Make Them To Talk Best About Your Business And Acquire A Solid Online Reputation!

Our ORM services are designed to promote your company and highlight positive aspects through reputation management through various online mediums.

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Online reputation management, or ORM is using your understanding of the online world and using that to influence it in the online world. Now that it is part of the online world, and has gone on to using social media and other areas, has made it part of SEO, or search engine optimization.

This also makes it easier, and faster, to respond to complaints, or even compliments, from customers that are posted on online forums, or social media sites.


You need ORM for many reasons, including the fact that it is easier to manage your reputation online than in the real world. This is true for many reasons, first off because you will be able to refute any complaints with online press releases, or even comments, or taking care of the complaints.

This will also help because you will be able to get rid of the negative feedback by trying many different services, which will take some time, but will be worth it in the end.

What are the steps of ORM?

There are numerous steps to online reputation management, and the first step is to Google yourself, but not while you are logged into any of your Google accounts. This will show you the information that is online about you. When you do the search, do search for the name other people will use to search, so don't add your middle name if you don't use it.

In order to figure out what your online reputation is look at the first 10, since most people will never go further than the first link. There is really only 4 categories the feedback can be, negative, positive, irrelevant, or it could be someone else. There are ways to fix all of these problems.

Next you must figure out a strategy for how to manage your online reputation. This means the steps will be different depending on what your current reputation is. We will tell you now what we would do for each reputation status.

However, one of the first steps you should take no matter your reputation is to purchase the your domain name. This means you want to buy the website that is using your name. Opt for a .com or .net one, if the .com one is taken for your name then go for the .net domain. It is better to buy a different domain ending than to change your name. Have this domain registered for as long as possible, since the longer a domain has been registered the higher it will come up on the search engines.

For negative reputation first you will need to bury that, and to do that will take a bit of time. If it is a status on a social media platform, first thing you should do is to clean up your profile, and keep it clean, if you can't do that then keep your page private. For all social media platforms you should always use your name. Also, on these profiles do make sure that you add any links or blogs you can add.

Your first option for the negative reputation is to ask for someone to take it down. If they refuse you can tell them you will initiate legal action, and follow up on it by lodging a legal complaint to Google. This is difficult, and most likely only be removed if the content is slanderous or it contains personal information, such as credit card or social security number. If that doesn't work then you can go to the website provider and if its against their terms you can get them to remove the site.

The other option is to just bury it in positive information, however this option will take some time. First thing you need to make some social profiles and create an online persona. This includes buying the domain, getting a website up, and even a blog. Then linking these everywhere, and making sure that your content is SEO approved.

If you have any of the other reputations such as it's not you or it's irrelevant, then here are the tips. First off make sure you have profiles on the social media platforms that allow you to post photos, you should ideally sign up for at least 3 profiles, and keep them updated regularly. You should always post photos, positive ones, to your account. Also, you should tag yourself if possible so that Google knows its you. Also add a description, as that can be important, so that people know what you are doing. If possible use those numerous profiles to get the photo out into the Google stream.

Why you should hire a management company to take care of your online reputation management

There are many reasons you should hire a company to take care of your online reputation management. First and foremost because this is a time consuming service, and when you hire a company, even if you outsource it to India, you will end up saving yourself time and money. You will save yourself time and energy, and money, because you will not have to go around and do the hiring process. This means you will not have to go through the applications, think about who to hire, and do the interviews, and then once that is done, the training.

If you hire a company they will take care of this headache for you. Plus, most of the companies out there are experts and have numerous years of experience. It is better to have a more experienced company do the work for you, even if you have to outsource it to India, or some other location that will make it possible for you to afford it.

Why should you hire our company?

You should hire our company to take care of your online reputation management because we have numerous years, and plenty of employees who are experts in this service. We will provide you with excellent service and do our hardest to get your online reputation the best it can be.

All of our employees are proficient in English, and have a high level of understanding of the language, in all aspects, including reading, writing and speaking. This will mean we will have a smaller communication gap. Our employees are also trained in the idioms of the English language, so that they can better understand some of the posts they will have to analyze.

Another good reason is since our company is located in India, our costs are less. Which means we will be able to give you a better quote than most of the companies located outside of India.

We will send you brief daily reports that will include any updates and your current rank, and reputation status. We will send a weekly report that is even more detailed, but the monthly ones are the ones that will be the most detailed. They will contain what work has been undertaken and what were the results. It will also give a list of all the links and posts that our company has written and taken care of.

What do you need to do?

There is not a lot you need to do in this service aspect. You will need to provide all pertinent information so that we can make sure we are doing online reputation management on the correct person. This would include your full name, birth date and the current place of residence.

You will also need to make any changes that we request to your public profiles. This means profile picture and even tagging yourself in the photos. We will give you everything that needs to be written, if you do not want to do it yourself. You are also requested to answer any of queries in a timely manner.

You are also requested to pay on time after you receive our bill.


DigitalSEOIndia offers personalized ORM services to maintain the online reputation of your business and avoid potential harm to your company's image by limiting the activities like hate-posting, lower ratings, and negative remarks. Our executives will work round the clock in refining your online presence by neutralizing the negativity with positive solutions!

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Clients often have a few questions about our services. We are happy to answer all of you question. Here’s a look at some of the most popular ones

Most internet firms should consider their online reputation as a critical aspect in securing their future. It allows companies or brands to attract and keep customers. Fortunately, DigitalSEOIndia has developed online reputation management services that enable business owners to track client feedback, negative remarks, and media references about their company on a continual basis. Our ORM services are the best know for these aids-

  • Monitoring responses to your company or brand can help you build a favourable brand image.
  • Building the perfect brand image after a piece of negative information has been shared about it.
  • Increasing sales by attracting the majority of potential clients through positive evaluations.
  • Building customer trust and correcting inconsistencies and incorrect information that could jeopardise user credibility.
  • Increasing the visibility of your website in search engines
  • Obtaining positive referrals from others who will most likely conduct an online search for your company.
  • Taking care of a reputation problem before it becomes a major one.

Because of the future danger to a business, no corporation wants to risk having a bad online reputation. It is for this reason that online reputation management services are necessary. Contact us today and stay afloat in the competition.

When people search for you online, they see your online reputation. Taking control of the online dialogue is what online reputation management (ORM) entails. In fact, what strangers on the internet believe and say about you when they find you online determine the majority of your reputation. If someone makes a bad comment about you on the internet, it might put you at a major disadvantage in the long run—especially if you aren't aware of it. Online reputation management mitigates the human propensity for gossip by ensuring that the items that matter are not overshadowed by rumours. When people search for you on the Internet, ORM uses procedures and strategies to ensure that they find the right resources. The goal of online reputation management is to strike a balance, prevent deceptive trends, and allow you to present yourself in the best light possible.

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