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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is called search engine optimization. It is the concept of using specific keywords or phrases and allowing search engines, such as Google, Bing, or any others, to find those and direct traffic to your website.

This is important because there are many different companies, in each area, inside India. Using SEO as a tool, will help you to get more traffic, and in turn more clients. SEO is used all over the world, and is a widely used tool for numerous companies, both outside and inside of India.

What is a SEO Agency?

We are a SEO agency located in India. We specialize in SEO, or search engine optimization, that is based on keywords, and phrases, that ensure the most traffic to your website, both inside India and out.

We have numerous employees, in our agency, that specialize in different areas, such as local SEO, as well as e-commerce, multilingual, and video SEO.

We also have people who are specialized in HTML, the code that is behind the websites.

Why choose our SEO Agency India for your SEO needs?

We promise to work hard and make sure your website reaches the top of the page by using SEO. We have competitive rates and numerous years of experience, between all of us. If you don't land up on the top of the page, we will continue to work for a agreed upon length of time, free of cost. We are the best SEO agency in India.

We will work to make your website get the best rank possible, both inside India, and outside. Here we try to make your lives as easy as possible, and get as many extra page views for you as possible. We promise to work as hard for you as we would work for ourselves, if we were in your position.

What do we do?

First we look at your website, and after looking it over, closely, we will do a critical assessment of it. While doing this we will look for all the required information, such as the overall size and the exact nature of the site. As we are doing this, we start to formulate a strategy, selecting the best keywords, as well as the number of keywords. We also will look into how to best cash in on the title and the meta tags.

Next we progress to the technical area of the preparation. First we must determine that your site meats the standards, and that the website is both accessible for both customers and search engines. We will then put a variety of instruments to use, both free and in-house built applications. We will also use these applications to check the website performance in both, the time it takes to load and the size of the page. While using our SEO agencies in India, we will give detailed information on a variety of different elements, such as proper messages for errors and error codes, as well as finding the links that are broken.

We then apply all important information and set it into the HTML code of your site and input that required information where it needs to go.

What do you have to do?

There is not much that you have to do. All you must do is provide us with the pertinent information that we need, on a timely basis. We mostly need the information that has to deal with the website, and detailed information about exactly what your company does, and what your goal is. You can be involved in the process more if you want, but it is not required. It might be recommended if you do not intend to retain us on a long term basis, to have someone be competent in the area of SEO, so learning something about it is not a bad idea.

We also need you to be open about any information that is new or that needs to be put up on the site. We also might ask for your input about any chances to the information on the site that we might make, so that it is up to your standards. If there are any changes that you think we ought to make, that we haven't, do feel free to let us know and we will make the changes.

Where is this work performed?

Most of the work can be performed in our office, all we will need is access to your website. We will need all pertinent login information and other required information. Most of the improvements will be done directly to the website itself, since this is the easiest way to make sure that all the information is being properly noted, the proper meta tags are being used that allows Google and other sites to give it a proper ranking. Also we will look at the internal setup and if needed revise the structure of the links, the number of keywords and information that is up more than once. These changes will be made only to ensure that you get the best quality content, if it is needed the content may be improved upon.

How is the offsite work performed?

SEO also needs to be done outside of the website itself. Some ideas for this are going to the bigger website directories and putting in your information, as well as social media websites, and other places where people normally go to find their information. Through this work links to incoming sites and the content pertaining to your site, is created. This will help to get traffic to your site from other pages.

How you will know what is happening to your site?

Our SEO agency will provide each client with a detail specific report, which will help you to understand what we did, and the progression of your site. This will be inclusive of the rankings on the search engines by phrases, based on the geographic part of India, the efforts we put behind building the links and also inputting the information into directories. We will also give a report about the way your ranking has gone up and down, which will help you to be able to maintain them in their current positions.