It's Been Hurdle to Manage Your SEM Campaign? Outsourced SEM Work with Our Search Marketing India Team & We Will Help You

What is a Search Engine Marketing service?

SEM (or Search Engine marketing) is a through process that is used to improve the organic ranking of a web page along with the search engines. Professional outsourced SEM companies guide their clients to improve their search engine rankings by upgrading and modifying their web pages according to the popular demands of their targeted audience.


  • We Identify the demand of your products or services according to the latest trend
  • We ensure that there should be proper proportion of the paid & organic search marketing
  • We aid you by increasing your online presence among your targeted users
  • We monitor the SEM campaign performance on regular basis and we tweak our SEM process accordingly
  • We help you in achieving higher ROI, even in your small SEM budget

What Our Search Engine Marketing Experts Can Deliver:

  • Through Keyword research and analysis
  • Sales copywriting to present the appealing content over your website’s pages
  • Website Audit, to identify the existing limitations of the website to perform in search engines
  • Press releases development and syndication
  • Developing the links and optimizing the landing pages
  • Market different social medias platforms
  • Local search submission as well as optimization process
  • Detail reporting across all the search marketing practices
  • Maintain online public relations for the clients
  • Management of client’s SEM account

About Us- A Complete Search Engine Marketing Company in India

Whether you are a social marketing company or search marketing, or in fact use search as well as social as a part of your business, we at Search Engine Marketing Company India provide you an insight into the world of profits and successes through our different programs and resources.

The activities of Search Engine Marketing Company India are solely based on Education, Research and finally, networking. To successfully withheld our business and a healthy relationship with our clients, our company provide a range of webinars (seminars that are conducted online), conferences with industrial experts, insight into different meetings and trainings at the industrial levels and a variety of different other learning techniques. Our Search Engine Marketing Company, has their networking events at various industrial conferences, and provides you with opportunities to search engines throughout the world.

Our company can help you to increase your search engine ranks as well as site traffic incredibly. We offer our technical and copywriting expertise to successfully meet your very needs even for your complex web pages for the competitive industry.

Our Search Engine Marketing Company India caters to the client’s needs that require intensive full service search engine marketing. As experts in the field of SEM outsourcing and marketing industries, the team of professionals at SEM India has a proven track record for designing the finest Internet marketing strategies with definite and long term success rate.

SEM Methodologies That Our SEM India Company Use:

Keyword Research:

Our experts at outsourced search engine marketing company work quickly to understand the market of keywords that is required for your web page to become a top charted in the list of search engines. Since the keyword market is the natural ‘search language’ for the visitors who come in search of products and services online, it is extremely necessary to get the proper keyword. Keywords are definitely the quirky combination of words and terms that a person comes up with when he or she tries to describe the thing he or she has come in search for. It is that much necessary to understand the psychology of the visitors as to what terms he or she will come up with to describe in the search engine.

Keyword Implementations:

In every web page, there needs to be an area of implementation of the keywords where it is controlled and copyrighted for the prevention of duplicate content. For that our search marketing India Company uses a number of tags like meta, description, title, alt, etc. We also keep in mind that every page of your website should have a unique title tag. Its description should be full of relevant keywords as well as the branding. The title tags should be in such a manner that it should reflect the releventness of a selected page and that it should be no less than 65 characters long. The Meta description should of course be no more than 250 characters long. We follow the rules when it comes to using heading tags, bolded texts, and contextual keywords. We link techniques internally as well as optimize navigation and site structure so as to maintain originality.

SEO Content:

It is very evident that the goal of your web pages is to offer quality information regarding what you sell, whether it is products or services. So having a quality content makes your readers spend more time reading your website which in turn is registered and tracked by the search engines. The time that the audience spends is calculated as part of the algorithm that identifies the quality as well as the relevance of the search and its search results which is your content. Just like the search engines, we too keep track of what is going on inside the algorithm and successfully come up with what is hot and wanted by the audience. With this information, we craft out the best possible content to top the charts.

Quality Control:

Search Engine Marketing Company monitors best practices integration as well as SEM code implementation to determine and ensure that we make regular updates and that the updates are accurate. We put our implementation as our top priority because we know that without it, a SEM outsourcing strategy is nothing. Our company also takes pride in managing site compliance along with search engine guidelines to ensure WC3 compliance. We also provide marketing on an ongoing basis that covers duplicate content, broken links, search engine crawl error, duplicate meta errors, as well as improved site caching with the search engines.

Tracking Results:

SEM India always has good results in your hand. With that, we also provide our customized tracking and reporting to ensure that the discovery process is fully outlined. We setup a website statistic application to fully control the traffic activities towards your web pages. Our secure network establishes statistic applications of your choice. Our online site traffic reporting includes a defined set of metrics and successfully relates them in plain English to the SEM strategies.


Search Engine Marketing Company India reports to you in a monthly basis, bi monthly, weekly according to the selected SEM package, formatting it in a excel spreadsheet along with a summary document. We will also be free for any consultation as well advices regarding what you as well as our team of experts should do further to increase the sales.