It's Becoming Hurdle to Manage Your SEO Projects? Outsource the Work to Our SEO Reseller India Company and We Shall Take Care of the Rest

What is seo reselling?

SEO reselling is simply when a company hires a SEO company to do the work, but then gives the work in their name to the client. The hired SEO companies name is nowhere to be mentioned. SEO reselling is essentially outsourcing the work, but in a different manner all together. This happens a lot inside and outside of India, and everywhere else.

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization. This simply means that we use keywords and key phrases, that are input into your website and the search engines, to get you more hits that you were before. This includes many different services such as pay per click, social media optimization, social media marketing and many others.

This is becoming a bigger and bigger need for all companies, both inside and outside of India, because these days our world is slowly becoming a more technology based one. Because of this that means more of your clients will come to you via the internet, and it is best to have a good online presence so they can find you. The SEO services are geared towards helping you achieve this goal.

How do you resell?

When you resell SEO it's quite easy actually. You just need to find a company that resells SEO and hire them. They will do all the work, and take no credit for it.

But first you need to do a few things. First off you need to find out exactly what the clients need and want. This would mean our SEO reseller company would come in and look at the website and ascertain exactly what level of SEO the company currently has. Our company will then send you a report of what exactly is there, and what still needs to be done.

Next it is required for you to set your clients expectations, and let them know what our company plans to do. We will provide you with all the required lists and brochures you could need, and give you a quick run down on the services and their charges. We can also help you to make a personalized plan for them, if they want services which are not in our packages.

The primary thing you need to work on is to learn a bit about SEO. You will need to be convincing enough to show them that SEO is something that their company requires. Since our company provides a huge number of different SEO services we will work with you to make sure you understand how each service works and what you should see every month. Aside from the information we give you, you should feel free to ask any questions you have and we will answer them.

What are the benefits of SEO reselling?

There are many benefits of SEO reselling, such as the fact that outsourcing the work to our company cuts your costs. This happens because you do not have to hire another employee, which will also save you time and energy.

The SEO reseller companies have all your SEO needs under one roof, from basic SEO to online management reputation, social media marketing, and much more. Since we have all of this under one roof, you do not need to visit multiple SEO companies to get what you need. We will have everything you need, including the answers to all your questions.

Our team of SEO experts have the certification and expertise that will get you high quality of work. Don't think just because you have outsourced the work to our company, in India, that you will get shoddy work, as that is just not the case. Since we have the best team of SEO employees, in India, you can rest and relax and give us all of the SEO work, which will free you up for other more important things.

We are also able to pull together a larger team of SEO specialists if it is required, at just a short notice. We will do this by pulling from our large pool of SEO specialists, and will hire more staff if it is required.

We will also keep the confidence and not let anyone know that your company is not really doing the work. We will do the work in the background, while we leave you to deal directly with the client. The time it takes us to deliver is what we promise. There will be no delays, and if there is, you will be directly informed.

Why should you outsource your SEO reselling needs to our company?

There are many reasons why you should choose our company, located in India, to take over your SEO needs. Our company has a lower overhead cost, since we are based in India, so we can afford to charge you less and still afford to hire the experts that we need.

Besides the fact that our employees are experts in SEO, they are also required to have a high proficiency level in reading, writing, and speaking English. We require this since most of our clients are from abroad, not in India, and that makes it much easier. It guarantees that we will not have any major communication problems on our hands.

Our employees are experts in SEO, and are constantly keeping up with the new techniques and changes that are always occurring in this ever changing market. This is beneficial because we can then implement all the newest techniques and stay ahead of our competitors.

We also will send you daily reports, which will be brief but concise, and will contain the ranks and updates from the day. The weekly and monthly reports will be more detailed and include charts and other visual helpers for the clients.

What are you required to do?

You will have to be the front end, and deal directly with the clients. This means that you will have to learn the basics about SEO and act like you know what you are talking about. You need to find out what the client needs, and wants, and pass on this information to us so that we can implement it.

You are the go between man, and should be prepared to ask any, and all, questions that our company gives you to ask the client.

You are also required to pay within 2 weeks after the bill has been generated and received.