Outsource Your Online Marketing Campaign and Let Us Manage It to Deliver Your Maximum Output in Lower Budget

What Is Online marketing?

Online marketing consists of numerous different services. These services are search engine optimization (SEO), social media optimization (SMO), online reputation management (ORM), pay per click (PPC), and numerous other services. All of these services are done online, thus the name, internet. Basically online marketing is using the the internet, and whatever online services are available to get your company to the top of the search engine list and eventually getting more traffic and mosre customers.

Why do you need online marketing?

These days we live in a technology based world, so the best way to do any marketing is online, where most of the world spends their days. You can do marketing the old school way, but it just won't reach as many people as if you used online marketing.

If you do not know how to do online marketing don't worry, there are numerous local companies, as well as those companies that do the service on a outsourcing basis, which are located inside and outside of India.

What do the online marketing services entail?

Here is a bit more about each of the services that are part of online marketing.

SEO, or search engine optimization is basically using keywords and phrases that are linked to your website and used for the search engines to find your website and direct people to it. The keywords are put into the code on your website, and in the content, which allows people to find those keywords during searches.

SMO, or social media optimization means that we will use all the social media sites, at our disposal, for marketing purposes. This includes Facebook, Twitter, and all the other sites. If required we will set up a online profile for your company, and run it. Here you will get more traffic due to people giving attention to your page. Here you can do a lot of different marketing strategies, such as giveaways and contests.

ORM, or online reputation management is simple. This means we will go through all the information online about your company and figure out which sites have negative feedback, and work, through legal options, to get that taken off. We will also set about to put up more positive feedback online, this could include on social media platforms, as well as forums and other blogs.

PPC service, or pay per click, is exactly what it sounds like. We will partner you up with Google, or other search engines and you will be able to pay to have your add placed at a strategic location, based on your locality, and you will pay per click. This is one of the simpler marketing services because there is not a lot of work to be done on your side.

Why choose to outsource your online marketing services?

There are many reasons to choose to outsource your online marketing service needs. The first and foremost reason is that maybe you do not know what needs to be done. If this is the case, please, outsource the work to a company that specializes in this area. This work needs to be done by someone who knows what they are doing, or else it may go very wrong.

Another reason is that it will save you time and money. If you outsource the services to another company then you will save yourself lots of time, energy, and money. You will save yourself time and energy because you will not have to look around for a person to hire locally, and save yourself from having to go through the whole interviewing, hiring and training phases. It will also save you money, since most of the companies that do outsourced work are located outside of your locality, and are based in countries where the cost is lower, such as India.

By outsourcing your marketing service needs to a company based in India your cost will go down tremendously, since the costs there are considerably less.

Why choose to outsource your work to our company?

Our company, based in India, is specialized in online marketing services. We have numerous years of online marketing experience, and have worked for numerous projects both inside and outside of India. All of our employees have their own areas of expertise, and do their work based on the projects that are in their area, they only help out in other areas when needed. This means you will deal with the same group of people, as we will put together a small team that can do your website and do all of the required work.

Our employees are also proficient in English. They are all required to have a certain level of comprehension of English, in reading, writing, and speaking. We train them to understand certain common idioms, so that the communication between clients will go smoother.

We can give you competitive rates due to the fact that our overheads are lower, and that in turn, becomes a benefit to you. We will also work around your hours, so that any questions or updates can be sent to you in a timely manner.

We will send you reports, daily, weekly and monthly. The daily ones will be brief and concise and will tell you the status of your online marketing services and any changes that were made. The weekly ones will be more detailed, giving you the statistics of the week, and a brief overview of the work that was done. The monthly ones will be the most detailed, giving all of the pertinent information one would need, from the most searched keywords and phrases, to how many clicks you got.

What do you need to do?

There is not a whole lot you are required to do after outsourcing your online marketing services to our company. First off you would need to give us specifics regarding what your company does and the specific marketing goals you have in mind. Also, for the SEO work we would need unrestricted access to your website, including a user name and password for our employees.

You should also be available to answer any questions, via email, chat or phone, that our employees might encounter, and answer in a timely fashion so that our work is not held up in the process.

You are also requested to pay in a timely manner after you receive our bills, which will come on a monthly basis, unless another billing arrangement has been agreed upon.