Outsource Article Writing Services to Us & Get the Low Cost Article Writing Services in Time

What does outsourcing mean?

Outsourcing quite simply means that you give the work to another entity, whether that entity be another company or a freelancer. You are essentially hiring another employee without taking on the responsibility of having to pay him a monthly wage, or train him.

Outsourcing has become quite popular in the last few years, since it is cheaper, and better, to send the work to someone else.

Why outsource your article writing to India?

There are numerous reasons to outsource your article writing to India. First off, our company has been writing articles for Indian companies, and well as from abroad, for numerous years now. This includes content writing as well as marketing writing. We have experience in writing articles from all over the world, and many of our writers have numerous years of experience behind them. As well, all of our article writers speak, write and read English with proficiency.

Our company is considerably lower in cost than those you will find near you. We are able to get away with it because we have lower overhead costs.

You also will not have to hire another employee, which would raise your costs, nor would you have to train him. This will save you time, energy, and money.

What does our company do?

Our company does numerous things, ranging from SEO, to article writing, and also marketing, whether this be writing or SEO marketing. We have numerous writers that are hired both by contract, and others who are freelance writers, whom we contract out when we get the projects.

Why choose our company?

Our company is well versed in writing articles on various topics, and we have experts for certain areas, such as technical writing, as well as content writing, and many others. Some writers also have certain designated locations they write for, such as the UK, or for the US. We have many years of experience writing articles, whether it is for marketing or for other purposes.

We have the ability to give you a discounted rate, due to the lower cost that it takes to run our business. This doesn't mean that you will get shoddy work from our company, it is just the opposite. We will give good quality articles, ones that we would like to make our company proud.

All of our article writers promise to work hard and get your articles done in a timely manner and professionally.

Our article writers will work the same hours that you work, and will be available to you for any questions, and will ask any questions they feel they should ask for clarification of the work. You will have to only deal with one writer, since most of our employees write for certain sections.

What will you get from our company?

First off, we will write any sample articles you wish to see before hiring us. We will also give you a reasonable proposal, that is either based on the number of words written, or articles written. If the project is a bigger scale one, then we will work on a proposal that best fits both of our needs.

If you choose to hire our company, you are guaranteed to get good work. You will also get employees who understand what needs to be written, and have the ability to write good quality articles. We will write the articles in a timely manner. The articles will also be run through a plagiarism site and will come out with a guaranteed 0% plagiarism. We also have separate editors who will go through and check the grammar of the articles, and fix them if they need to be fixed.

Besides just getting the articles written you will also get detailed reports from us. We will give you a detailed report that is submitted with the article, that will consist of the keywords, if required, as well as the word count, the plagiarism percentage, and author. The report may also consist of any other pertinent information.

We will make sure to prioritize our articles, and get the ones that are done by an earlier due date done first, and then work on the rest. You will also get any of your queries answered in a timely manner. We will be available via chat, email, or phone.

What do we require from you?

We require from you a few things. Mostly the details of the articles you want written. We need to know in what person you want it written in, as well as how long it needs to be. The topic is also important, and we will need to know if it is a broad overview of the topic, or if it needs to be a more detailed overview of a certain part of the topic.

We also would require you to answer any questions we may have in a timely and orderly manner. Since our employees would be working the same hours, it is not possible for them to wait long periods of time for you to reply to our queries, when they could be finishing your work and heading on to the next project. Do feel free, at any time, to ask for a update, and should you wish a excerpt of the work, which we would send at a regular basis, especially at first to make sure that is what you are looking for.

We do however, require you to have some patience and understanding, as it is not always possible to get your articles out as fast as you would normally like, due to our work load. If we cannot meet your deadline, we will inform you, but this is rarely the case.

You are also required to submit any, and all, payments on time. If you need a small respite, please let us know and we will try to work with you.